Monday, August 3, 2009

Slime Goop and Gel Magic School Bus Experiment

We opened our first science experiment box from Magic School Bus today. He picked the slime, goop and gel kit, no surprise there. We did 2 experiments today, there are 11 total. I wish the box had mentioned the household items you would need, I was out of white vinegar. It came with everything you need except for water, cornstarch, vinegar and disposable cups or bowls.

We made slime and them turned the slime into a bouncy ball. It was fun, he had a great time and wanted to keep going. There was light reading on atoms, molecules and polymers. We talked about water molecules being made of 1 oxygen and 2 hydrogen atoms. I think I will get a periodic table for us to look at and study. I thought it was a simple and fun introduction into science with easy facts to learn. It is also a great way to work on following instructions and measuring correctly.

None of the 20 Magic School Bus chapter books I have are about atoms but I think I have a show recorded that is, I will look for it for us to watch. I look forward to doing more experiments.

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