Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekly Review - 6

This has not been the best week, I would call it a school lite week. We are a little behind with the lesson plans. I am having a time with my insomnia, 1.5 hours sleep does not make for the best day. Little Bit is not sleeping well, his sinuses are bothering him. He has been working extra hard this week with extra Tae Kwon Do classes getting ready for his belt testing this weekend.

We are really starting to enjoy the Story of the World book with activities. He does not like the coloring at all, he actually asked to take a nap over coloring this week but he loves the map work. We have spent some time working with the globe and looking at satellite photos from of the rivers and countries we are studying in STOW.

He is working on his handwriting and is having fun with the math fact sheets. He has started making a math sheet for me to do and when I get the answers right I get a smiley face.

He is loving the Magic Tree house books, he is on number 10 in the series. He is going through them so fast. He is asking questions about Merlin and Morgan La Fey, I was telling him about King Arthur etc. and he is interested in learning more about them. I am looking for child friendly books on King Arthur.

We finally received our butterflies that I ordered in May for our butterfly house. He had a great time watching them go from caterpillars to butterflies. It was great fun to check the progress everyday. My hubby had fun taking photos with the new DSLR camera. We are already planning on ordering some monarch butterflies and they are campaigning for praying mantis eggs.

On the Well Trained Mind message board, someone suggested taking the Story of the World activity book to Kinko's to have it cut and rebound on a spiral, it is a brilliant idea. It cost 6.00 and now I have a book I can make copies of the activity sheets in the back for him, he loves working with the maps and I can now make more than one copy. It is so much easier to flip through the book. I wish I remembered the name of the person who mentioned it, I don't, but thank you!


  1. Sounds like a good week, thanks for sharing.

  2. I was just planning our middle ages week and found two websites with books. I can't post the links here for some reason, but I am going to PM you at WTM.... :)


  3. My son is the same way about coloring and about maps! Glad I found your blog. :o)