Monday, August 10, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - Planes Trains & Automobiles

Todays theme was planes trains and automobiles. I was happy I had a few cookie cutters to use this week. We had:
PB&J - Train
Pretzels - train tracks
Rice Krispy Treat - bulldozer
Grapes - logs for the bulldozer to push
Cheese w/ pepperoni - dump truck
A few chips - rocks for dump truck to haul

He a great time building his construction site. I wanted to use carrots to make the railroad tracks but they did not look good today.


  1. SOOO creative! I love it. I have to take note of the shaped sandwiches, I need to do something like that!

  2. I love how hands on your tin was this week! Great job!!

    My kids would have LOVED setting up that construction scene. :)


  3. so great! I love the twist you put on the theme!

  4. I love the train tracks and the logs!!