Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly Review - Week 8

This week we got away from my lessons plans a good bit, but I do not mind. He was still interested Egypt and mummies so instead of moving on to Chapter 6 in Story of the World, we stopped and learned more about what interested him. He also started asking about constellations and the stars so we took time to learn about the constellations. We tried several times to get out the telescope and do some star gazing but the weather has not cooperated with us this week; hopefully this weekend will work better.

This is one of the reasons I love homeschooling, we are able to stop and take all the time we would like, to learn about whatever topic is of interest. Having the time to slow down and let him he ask questions and study what is of interest to him is great. It helps instill the love of learning that will go with him all his life.

He is getting better and faster with his math facts. He is making good progress on telling time and we continue to work on counting money. On the math worksheet you will notice dots beside some of the problems, if he does not know the answer he put dots beside the numbers so he can count them and work the problem himself.

We read Mummies and Pyramids the Magic Tree House Research Guide. These books are great; they go along well with the books. They are written on the same level as the Magic Tree House books so he can read them himself. I bought 3 of them but I will be looking for more to purchase. They are a great addition to his reading list. We are on number 13 in the Magic Tree House set.

He has learned how to count to 20 in Korean for TaeKwonDo. He is doing excellent with French through He had his first test and did great. He is already asking when we can start Spanish, I think he wants to learn a little bit of all languages.

If the weather holds, we will be taking a few days off from school next week, to enjoy the outdoors. One of the reason we start school so early is for us to be able to take the nice cooler days and enjoy them. He can so little in the summer due to the heat, school in the summer works great for us.

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