Friday, July 31, 2009

Week in Review - 4

A month of school already, this month has gone by so fast. This week we worked on memorization work, he learned his first poem, 10 spelling words, phone number, address and Korean numbers 1 - 10. I feel like all we did was work on memory this week but we did manage to work on math facts, study nouns, read about Egypt and the Nile river.

He is reading number 4 in the Magic Tree House chapter books. These books have been a big hit here, I need to start looking for more books for him, at the rate he is reading them we will be finished in 2 months.

We have started reading, "It's Disgusting and We Ate It", it is a fun book and he thinks it is funny. This is one of the extra reading books suggested in the SOTW history book. I can tell he is going to love the horrible histories books when we get to them.

This weekend we hope to pick blueberries and go to the Home Depot kids workshop.


  1. Great week! That's awesome when the reading takes off and they devour books:) I remember learning the Korean numbers for Tang Soo Do, and I was probably about the same age as your son at the time - needed to learn it in order to test for purple belt.

  2. It sounds like a great week of school. I hope you are able to make it to the Home Depot workshop--those are always fun :)

  3. Great week! We love going to the Home Depot and Lowe's kids' workshops. We try to make it to them all.


  4. How fun! I wish we could go pick blueberries! I don't think I've visited your site before - I hope you will continue posting weekly updates - I'm very interested in hearing how your year goes. :)