Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favorite Fun Educational Dvds

I wanted to make a list for some LittleBit's favorite educational dvds. I rented all of these from Netflix. Some were so well liked, I purchased them such as the Popular Mechanics for Kids dvd set, he loves these so much I bought the whole set.

1. Popular Mechanics for Kids dvd set
PMK - Lightning and other forces of Nature
PMK - Radical Rockets and Other Cool Cruising Machines
PMK - Rip Roaring Rollercoasters and All Access to Fun
PMK - X-Treme Sports & Other Action Adventures
PMK - Gators & Dragons and Other Wild Beasts
PMK - Slither and Slime and Other Yucky Things
PMK - Super Sea Creatures and Awesome Ocean Adventures
PMK - Firefighters and Other Life Saving Heroes
This are his favorite videos, we have had them for over a year and they are still watched often.

2. Vrrrooommm!: Dairy Farming for Kids
3. Vrrrooommm!: Citrus Farming for Kids
4. Vrrrooommm!: Farming for Kids
5. Vrrrooommm!: Apple Farming for Kids
6. Way Cool Science: Space Trekkers
7. Way Cool Science: Stormchasers
8. Magic School Bus
9. Sid the Science Kid (can be seen on PBS also)
10. LeapFrog Letter Factory set ( good for the younger kids)
11. All About Trucks
12. Real Wheels dvd set (great set for those who love vehicles)

There are tons more educational dvds out there for kids, I just wanted to list a few of our favorites.

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