Thursday, July 9, 2009

Friction and Momentum

Today my sweet, always curious, wants to know everything in detail, kiddo, said, "Mom tell me about friction and momentum". Where does he come up with this stuff, Popular Mechanics for Kids, naturally. He loves those videos, I am pretty sure I could come up with one of those, everything I need to know in life I learned from Popular mechanics for kids sayings.

Once I thought about it for a minute, and considered calling my engineer hubby to say, "help, how do I explain friction to a 5 year old". He was already telling me about how it works and what slows things down and helps them go faster. So we got some hot wheels cars and compared how friction helped cars go faster and slower on different surfaces. Honestly, I am not sure who knew more me or him but I think for safety sake, I will start watching those videos with him:)

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