Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Math and spelling.

Yesterday, we opened up our math mastermind manipulative set and it was a huge hit. He had the best time working with the blocks, foam shapes and dominos. He played with them for hours and did not even notice me sneaking math questions in there. I ordered the mastermind sets grade 1 and grade 2 from Christian Book Distributors.

Today, the lego name plate came. To say we are huge lego fans here would be an understatement. We have more legos than I can care to admit to, and last year legos was all he wanted for both his birthday and Christmas. I bought the name plate for spelling. It comes with a long plate, 179 pieces and the instructions to make all 26 letters. It is fun, now I just have to make sure the pieces don't end up in the mass of other legos in the house. Someday I will take a photo of the craftsman cart we use for lego storage.
I ordered the nameplate from A lego store might have them in stock they are new, but unfortunately we do not live near one.

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