Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week in Review

Last week was our 3rd week homeschooling. It was a good week, we began the Story of the World and First Language Lessons.

I really like the Story of the World, I think we will enjoy it this year. While little bit works on his handwriting, I read the chapter from STOW and then we discuss. For instance, we were talking about the Shaduf that the first farmers used to water the fields and he thought a tractor would work better:) The activities in the workbook are nice, and help reinforce the information given in the book.

I am not sure about First Language Lessons, it seems repetitive and he does not like repetitive work. We will see how it goes as the year goes on.

This week we read our first Magic Tree House chapter book. I bought both the Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus chapter books for us to read. Since, he advanced in his reading level I wanted to make sure we encourage and keep up with him. I had planned for the sets to last the year but I don't think they will. Last night he read the entire Magic Tree House book in one sitting. Silly me, I was thinking a chapter or two a night but he loved the book and read the whole book. He even read the word, "Tyrannosaurus" without asking for help.

We also went to the Adventure Science Center for the science of NASCAR day. We had a great time as always. There were race cars to look at and sit in, pinebox cars to build and race. Also, they had cars powered by wind, solar, and water to test and see which worked better.

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  1. Here is a set of books that we just came across, they are a bit harder than Magic Tree House, but still funny and informative. You can look inside book to see if you like. We liked the Egypt one because it went along with SOTW..we love that history.