Thursday, July 30, 2009

He did it!

We have been working all week on memorizing name, address, phone number, spelling words (from last week) and 1 - 10 in Korean. He needed to know his phone number, address and the Korean numbers for TaeKwonDo class. He memorized the poem from earlier in 2 days with no trouble and the Korean numbers came easy to him( I still can't say them). His phone number and 3 of the 10 spelling words have been problematic. The phone number I understand, we just switched to only cell phones and he has been trying to learn both mine and Dad's number. Since my phone is now the main number, we worked on learning just that one but he kept trying to get Dad's in there too so he had to many numbers or would mix them up. The spelling words I have no idea why he couldn't get 3 of them down, other than he really didn't want to. Repetitive work is not his thing, he is a get it one try and move on kind of learner and when there is something we have to work at a little he gets frustrated. Finally today, after reading, writing and talking about them we got through all the spelling words, phone number, address and the Korean numbers without any errors.

As a reward, I am blogging and he is building a Lego space police dog.

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