Monday, July 6, 2009

First Day

We started our second year of homeschooling today. I call it school "lite", this week. To get us back into a schedule we are reviewing and checking out the new curriculum.

I really had hoped to start in full this week, but last week with someone being up every night from 12:30 to 3 or 4 with his rash itching and burning, 3 visits to the doctor, 4 different meds, one being steroids(a.k.a. the demon child creator) we are just exhuasted. I never did get my lessons plans done in detail thus the review week.

Today was fun, we started with muffin tin Mondays. I wasn't not sure how that was going to go over but he liked it and asked when I would do it again. I did breakfast instead of lunch. He had grapes, apple slices, strawberry yougurt, a cheese wedge and frosted mini wheats(his current favorite). Please forgive the throw away muffin tin, would you believe I could not find a 6 count muffin tin at Walmart. I will find you before next week.

Today we worked mostly on handwriting, our problem subject. He learned to make his letters around 3.5 years old and to him that is good enough. Why should he have to practice if he already knows how to make them, this is his agurement. It is a struggle to get him to work on it. Today I let him pick 5 words and I wrote them out in pencil for him to trace in a color marker, that worked really well. He choose his name, lego, car, lost and ball. I also made numbers 1-10 both the numbers and words for him to trace. He was quick to point out I forgot zero it is a number too, I was told. I can't imagine where that came from, my sweet but geeky engineer of a hubsand, is my guess.

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