Thursday, July 16, 2009

Singapore Math - Primary Mathematics 1B

We started our new math workbook today. Until today we had been practicing our counting and addition facts. As I was reviewing the workbook last night, I was thinking this looks hard, I don't think this way how will I ever teach him. I was beginning to doubt myself on starting with 1b instead 1a. He loved it, he kept asking me one more worksheet please. We finished 3.5 worksheets today.

I am happy to see I was right in starting with 1B, trying to remember to trust your instincts and not get overwhelmed with all the choices there are is so hard. As my huuby can tell you I can drive myself insane trying to pick the right curriculum for us to use. As he tells me, so what if it doesn't work out, sell it and try another one. I do try to remember that homeschooling is about options and choices and we have the ability to exercise those rights at any time.

We had a great school day today.

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