Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up


We are at the end of our curriculum so, there is not a lot to update.  We are working on zoology, math and Easy Grammar 2 workbook everyday. We are slowly working our way through Botany.  I am in the process of ordering new curriculum.  We will be taking a good bit of time off between now and June. We will spend time outdoors playing, enjoying the weather before it gets too hot for Kiddo.  Our school year officially starts in July, even though we have switched to a year round school with time off in the spring and fall.  Since Kiddo can’t handle the heat of summer, it is the perfect time to get schoolwork done, one of the many reasons I love homeschooling.

I am trying to get finished with Easy Grammar 2 so we can start on Easy Grammar 3 by July.  I just received the workbook a few days ago but so far it is easy and he is able to do 4 pages a day.  We started Teaching Textbooks a few weeks ago and when we finish it I will purchase grade 4 in it.  We are also using Singapore 2A, 2B and word problems workbooks for extra practice.  Botany will we work on through the summer, it is a difficult book and it is taking us longer than either Astronomy or Zoology.

I can’t believe we have finished so much and it is time to order new books. 


Have a good weekend! 

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