Sunday, April 24, 2011

I went a little crazy–Lapbook for Exploring Creation with Zoology



I am not sure what went through my mind.  I had a moment of crazy, I was looking around currclick and saw a lapbook for the second half of the Zoology book we are currently doing.  I thought Kiddo would love this, he would have so much fun with it..  That must have been when I lost all leave of my senses because, I bought it. 

I know all the hard work was done for me, there were clear instructions for putting the lapbook together.  All the printables were provided and even extra reading materials were suggested.  I admire those who do lapbooks for school, they look so good but they are work.  I am so tired of cutting out and gluing.  Everything is done and ready to go, tomorrow we will go back to chapter 7 and start filling in his lapbook.  I know he will like it and it will be great fun, but really I lost my mind just a little. 

This lapbook required 3 folders and it took over 50 pages of printables, a fair amount of glue, brads, staples, and construction paper.  It took a couple of hours to cut out and assemble. 







Have a great week!


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