Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flower Dissection


I love my roses.  I have many roses in my yard and I love bringing them in to enjoy.  Today was a first, I brought in one of my newly blooming roses for my son to dissect. 

We are working our way through Apologia Botany and now that it is spring we can do many of the experiments and activities.  We have already started seedlings, gathered maple tree seeds, and today we dissected a rose. 

We are enjoying Botany but it is the hardest of the Apologia books so far.  It is slow going but we are both learning a lot. 


IMG_6805_edited-1dissected rose


  1. I just love the Apologia Elementary books, but the botany one has worried me as far as interest for an entire year. How far are you into it?

    We've done Flying Creatures and we are almost done with Anatomy & Physiology. LOVE them!

  2. We are almost finished with Flying Creatures and we have done Astronomy. Anatomy is on the schedule for fall. Botany has by far been the most challenging. It is very technical; the words are difficult so the reading is going slow. The activities and experiments are great but best done in spring and summer where there are plants available. We started Botany last fall but because we didn’t have the plants available, I put it up until spring. We were on chapter 5 when we stopped and we have started all over due to the difficult nature of the vocabulary. We are on chapter 3 now; he likes the experiments but doesn’t care too much for all the vocabulary words.

  3. That's so cool!!! I love this...and just bookmarked it for future reference! Glad you linked it!

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  4. I like the idea of dissecting the flower to be able to really see the parts. We're finishing astronomy now and hope to get to botany sometime in the future.
    Stopping by from HHH.