Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Review


We did not get a whole lot done this week because DH was off Wednesday through Friday. There were doctors appointments, insomina and playing around with Dad but not a lot of school going on.

We did manage to get most of our work done other some reading and we will catch up next week.  When Dad is home, somehow my schedule for everything goes out the window. 

Kiddo is bursting at the bit to start Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology.  He has almost read the entire book and been through the junior notebook.  He is already to start next years books with cursive and Anatomy he is excited. 

We listened to a sample of Story of the World on audio and he loved it. I got volume one and he is listening to it at night before bed.  I am thrilled he remembers some of the stories for the first book, we read it 2 years ago.  While I think they are expensive, he loves listening to them and what a great way to refresh the information.  I will be getting the other volumes as well. 

Kiddo is also proud of his baby veggie garden.  He checks on it everyday and is sure he can see the lettuce growingSmile  He may water it to death, we have talked about enough water vs. too much water but he loves his plants. 

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