Tuesday, January 25, 2011


LEGO CLUB_edited-1
To say my son likes LEGO would be an understatement.  If he could only play with one toy ever again it would be LEGO bricks, no question.  He can spend hours playing and building creations.  He reads LEGO books, catalogs, plan his next purchase, watches LEGO TV, and plays LEGO games on the Wii.  We are LEGO people. 
I would not even begin to guess how many LEGO kits we have.  He has been playing with them since the age of 3 so we have years of collecting.  His room is decorated in a garage workshop decor (his other love cars).  To house all said cars and LEGO kits I lined one wall with Craftsman tool carts.  You know the red and black ones with 5 drawers.  We bought 3 of them and put up against the wall and then we made a top out of a piece of pine.  Here is a old picture.  We have stained the wood top and it is full of stuff now:) 
The drawers are perfect for storing LEGO bricks.  I long ago gave up keeping them together in kits so other than a box for minifigs and a box for power function pieces it is a free for all.  He likes it that way.  In the small drawer at the top he keeps the instructions and catalogs. 

We have looked for a local LEGO club here and other than one for older kids working with robots, there is not one for younger kids.  My husband and I have talked about starting one and are still thinking about it.  In the mean time though I found a LEGO club online through CurrClick.  This club is free.I have recently discovered this site and so far I am impressed.  I have purchased a few classes and we have watched a couple of live classes that had been recorded.  We joined the LEGO club and he loved it.  It is a live class via webcam, while I think an actual club local with kids would be better this is an excellent alternative.
For class they built a simple 2011 sign and learned about gravity and how it effects everything.  They then rebuilt a better sign that would stand up on a base on its on.  It was a quick easy lesson.  We look forward to more LEGO club. 

Here is the sign he made with Wolfie who is with us all the time right now.



  1. Cute. We thought about joining the Lego Club too, but I was not sure how it worked. My son, Zachary, who is 6 would play FOREVER non stop if we let him with Legos....Would love to know more about the club, the site really does not state much other than an on line you post pictures kinda thing?


  2. Awesome! My 7-yr old son loves Legos, too. :) He's always building some contraption.

  3. Nice Lego storage idea. My son did First Lego League this year. He liked it, but it wasn't what he expected. We were once in a homeschool group that met at the library for Lego free play and he said that was better (it sure was cheaper).
    Stopping by from the Hop.