Monday, January 24, 2011

Ever had ONE of those weeks?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you question homeschooling, thinking about running out of the house screaming, maybe pulling your hair out?  It has been one of those weeks at our house. 
I don’t know if is the change to school in the mornings, I doubt it or this new “NO” phase my 7 year old is going through but what a week.  Our week started out with handwriting and I asked him to write his ABCs both lower and upper case.  He told me he did not remember his ABCs, I know he knows his ABCs.  Let us just say requiring him to write his letters created all kinds of tears and drama.   He cried saying, “but Mom even 7 year olds forget things”  (I tried really hard not to laugh at that).  Our whole week was like this, it was one of those weeks.
In order for me not to pull my hair our I made a few changes to our day to see if you couldn’t get a better week going.  First thing I did was get out my kitchen timer.  There is no reason at all to spend an hour doing one handwriting page or math worksheet.  He was not happy when I set up the timer and told him he had to get his page done before the buzzer went off.  He fussed and complained loudly saying,  he couldn’t get it done it time etc.  After a while though he got into the game of it, I wonder if I can finish before the timer, I am going to finish before it gets to 5 minutes left etc.  As long as it got done correctly I was fine with it, anything to get him moving and working.
Next thing I have done it break the day up.  We usually work straight through get our school work done and are finished with book work for the day.  I am working on one or two subjects and then letting him take a small 10 or 15 min. break to play, run around, or get a snack.  It is taking us so much longer to get school work done but it seems to be helping with the complaining, and the dawdling.  Did I mention dawdling drives me crazy, can not stand it. 
He generally good about school work but the last few weeks have been a test in my patience.  I hope the changes I have made will help get us back on track. I am sure I am not the only homeschooler who has had days or weeks like this.  While I love homeschooling some days are harder than others. 
Have a good week! 



  1. So true. I have had some days like that lately. We even discussed returning to school as a possibility. We agreed that no one wants this and we will continue to work to improve how we do our work and especially how two sisters treat one another. I know I have only been homeschooling one child for a year and both girls for just 5 months but I feel like it is a ride the crest, everything is great, then the wave crashes and it is like starting again but if you hang in there the wave will swell and all will be well again...for a while. I just keep appreciating how wonderful things are when we are on top of that wave.....

  2. sounds like a plan! We get into our slumps of routine too so we try to change it up. We recently stopped doing our "sit down" book work until the 20 month old goes down for a nap, seems to be much calmer!

    FYI - On Friday I am trying my 1st link Homeschool party...showing off our school rooms/areas etc..would love for you to join me 8)


  3. Today was a very hard day for us too (I heard lots of "No" and "I dunno...") so I completely understand! *hugs* Good idea with the timer - I may have to try that out!

  4. Also, I mentioned you in my newest blog post! :)

  5. Yes, we have those days - even weeks where I wonder. Then I think of my alternative and decide to get through it. It's not always pretty and sometimes we don't accomplish much, BUT I'm glad we do it!

    The tests do come, but you are doing great! The timer is a great idea! Some days we just don't bother with some subjects, but some days we struggle through them. Just depends on what the kids need. It's often crazy with 3 kids in 3 different grades - I mean how many ways can a mom be pulled?? :)

    Keep it up! You both will pull through! God bless!

  6. Ahh...the joys of homeschooling boys. :) This is our 11th year and we have 5 boys. I've contemplated sending them to PS more than once, believe me. But I know that this path we've chosen, while it may not be the easiest, is the best one for us. Keep swimming, keep swimming.... :)

  7. I have hot and cold days like this with my 7yo, sometimes still my 9yo! I guess we all have days when we aren't so motivated :) Stopping by from HHH.

  8. I remember those days. Although there are fewer of those for me I totally get where you are coming from.

    Homeschooling my girls in New Mexico since they were born.