Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day Back



The holiday break is over and time for school.  It is never easy to get back into the routine of a schedule much less a change in the schedule.  I am changing the time we do school with the new year.  We had been doing school after lunch, it worked well for us but we have some changes coming this spring and an adjustment in our schedule will be helpful. 

I have not made any changes in curriculum this semester just added a few things.   This semester we are doing a unit study and lap book on Japan.  My first lap book, I think I could easily come addicted to these, they look like so much fun to do. 

To ease back into school today I planned mostly fun easy things to do.  Today we are doing art class, start on the lap book on Japan, spelling via a new DS game along with some math and reading.  A very light and easy day to get back into the swing of things.  


first day back



  1. We just had our first day back as well.Luckily though daddy was home to help a little with Math.Is there certain age group for the DS game??I am going to look for it now,thanks.

  2. A Nintendo spelling game? Wow, would my kids love that added to their homework list!

  3. I didn't know that the DS had a spelling game?? How does it work? Do your children like it?

    Thanks for joining in the Hip Homeschool Hop!

  4. Japan Lapbook! Cool- will you make yummy Japanese foods?

    I'm making Monday a "No Computer Day" until the evening. My boys (14-17) get some computer time in the morning and then get some after school work is done time- but they have been having too much time, as my husband let them on way too much on the weekends.

    and we are bringing back some rules that have been getting too loose lately.

  5. Sounds like you are off to a good start! I'm having trouble getting motivated. :) I'm here from Hip Homeschool Hop (a bit late!). Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!