Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Review–Week 3



weekly review graphic 2

We have had a slow week of school this week.  Kiddo had doctors appointments, Husband was travelling this week which always means something will break, or somebody will get sick etc.  It was one of those weeks. The first day DH was gone, I got woke up to Kiddo yelling for me from the bathroom saying he needed help. Let’s just say it went downhill from there. 

We did a lot of reading this week from the library. He is still reading his Thomas Edison biography, he likes it but it is not interesting enough for him to read without me saying it is time to read on Thomas Edison for a bit.

He is enjoying the Standard Deviant Anatomy dvds he has watched them almost every day. They go really well with Apologia Human Anatomy.




This week I made some multiplication flashcards for us to work on.  We are using Teaching Textbooks for math and they started giving him complex multiplication questions and he does not have his facts memorized yet. Working on the tables will be our goal in math for the next week.



He made a mustard see tree in Bible this week. I also learned that I have watched too much Mythbusters with Kiddo when I started using an Mythbuster experiment as one example to help explain faith to him.



Other than school time taking more time than I was expecting the year seems to be off to a good start.  We are getting in a groove and moving along in all our subjects. 


  1. "Hopping" over to visit from the HHH! Nice to "meet" you! :-)

    I completely understand what you mean about husbands being away and kids getting sick. My husband is in the Army, and whenever he seems to have duty, someone is always ill!

    I recently purchased a video from for multiplication. I got it as a review for my 9 year old son. He watched it twice with my 7 year old daughter, and now she knows most of her times tables. It was absolutely unbelievable! (I am not a paid spokesperson for this product, lol!) It is called "Times Tales." My almost 12 year old said that it is really cute. Just thought I'd throw it out there since you said that your son was learning his times tables. :-)

    I'm glad the beginning of your year is going well! I am looking forward to us getting started, as well.

    May God continue to bless our homeschools,

  2. There is no such thing as too much Myth Busters!

  3. Thanks Lisa, I will look for that video. We need all the help, he is doing his table by adding.