Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time for School


It is time to start back to school on Monday.  We are basically year round but we have taken a few weeks off for a break.  We had finished most of our curriculum so we will be starting new books and changing a few things.

I would like to say I am excited to be starting school again but a few more weeks would be nice.Smile  I have been busy making lesson plans, printing worksheets, copying, laminating, organizing, labeling, etc.  You know all those things you do to get ready for school.

Kiddo is excited about studying Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy this year. I am not so thrilled but we doing it anyways.  I have read the first chapter and gather all our supplies for the experiment at the end of the chapter.  This is going to be a difficult book with lots of vocabulary and difficult concepts.  I plan on taking the whole year to go through the book slowly. Maybe 1 chapter a week but I think it will take a bit longer for some chapters.  I am planning on doing as many of the experiments as we can, along with the extra reading and dvd suggestions.
Kiddo was also  thrilled to hear he only has Handwriting twice a week now. Nobody tell him he will be writing everyday in Easy Grammar and Sequential Spelling.  His handwriting has improved greatly since we started drawing class. For this year I got two drawing books, Star Wars the Clone Wars and Draw Through History.  He has asked for a book on how to draw vehicles. 
Here is our curriculum for this year:
Math – Teaching Textbooks with Singapore workbooks for extra practice
History – Story of the World
Grammar- Easy Grammar 2 and 3 (almost finished with 2)
Spelling/Vocabulary. – Sequential Spelling and Wordly Wise
Science – Apologia Human Anatomy
Bible – Telling God’s Story
Handwriting – A Reason for Handwriting Transitional workbook
Drawing- SW Clone Wars and Draw Through History
Piano – John W Schaum ( until fall and them piano lessons)
Latin – Prima Latin (2x week)
Extras we will be doing:
Map Skills Grade 3 workbook – He loves these and does them on his own time
Logic CountdownDid Mind Benders last year and he sailed right through.
ReadingHe is an advanced reader and I usually let him read what he wants to. I do pick one set of books specifically for him to read and do narrations on.  We have done Magic School Bus, Magic Tree House and Horrible Science series before. This year we are doing biographies on people he would like to learn more about. He chose Thomas Edison for his first book.

We are ready.
New pencil and Crayola Twistables for the year.  Since we found out Kiddo is colored blind I labeled all of his colored pencils, I think that will help with the frustration factor.
Mom also got new pencils this year. I found some colored mechanical pencils and a set of multi colored uni-ball pens.  I have mentioned I love all things writing instrument wise.  Back to school supplies is almost as good as Christmas shopping.
Pencil Boxes .25 at Staples.

I will be back to blogging more regular now that I will have something to blog about.


  1. Sounds like a good plan! I love school supply shopping too. I think that is a prerequisite to being a homeschool mom. lol!!!


  2. Looks like you have an awesome year planned! I always get excited about beginning the year as well and love going shopping for it. Have fun today! :)

  3. The best for you and your family in the coming school year! We don't start until around September 1. We like taking a 3 1/2-4 month break for summer; no year round here. And I LOVE Back-to-School sales. Unfortunately I don't need much this year! LOL Stopping in from HHH!