Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekly Review–Week 2



weekly review graphic 2


This was a week of catch up, between doctor’s appointments, sleeping issues and reaction to medicine trouble, we have been a bit behind all week.  Other than science and finishing up a book on Pocahontas we are all caught up.  Science works out this way instead of me having to do a chicken wing experiment on Friday, Dad can help us on Saturday. And that works perfect for me, I was not looking forward to it. 

Kiddo is truly enjoying spelling and Latin.  He is a little frustrated with math right now because it is getting harder and he does not like things that do come instantly to him.  He is used to understanding everything after one try and multiplication is slowing him up. 

He is enjoying ice skating classes and bowling league.  I hope to start piano next week, we have run out of time the past two weeks and have not been able to start yet.

My two weeks of lesson plans I made worked out well so this weekend I will be making out the next two weeks.  I think two weeks at a time is a good schedule for me, it allows flexibility for changes in the schedule and extras. I make the lesson plans and print off any printables I will need for the two weeks plus make sure I have all the supplies for any experiments of projects we are going to do.

Have a good weekend!

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