Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Edible Cell – Science Project

We attempted to make an edible cell  that is a project listed in Apologia’s Human Anatomy book.  It took a lot of candy for this project. Any reason for buying candy is a good one, right?
First you use lemon Jell-O to make your mold, that part went fine. It did take more than a day for it to set up with the extra gelatin in it.

Next using the candy you recreate all the the parts of a cell. This is were things started going down hill.  The candy was melting and turning the Jell-O colors and some of the pieces as they melted popped back up.  We were having fun and he did remember ever part of a cell. 
Finally it was time to turn out the mold.  Guess what didn’t happen.  It was all good fun though, Kiddo said it was a dead cell it had been destroyed.
Then Kiddo started playing with the Jell-O and it became ballistic gel like they use on Mythbusters(his favorite show).  Then there was talk of making a body using Jell-O etc.  We had fun and Kiddo knows all the parts of a cell and certainly won’t forget now.  It was a fun but a bit costly experiment with all the candy.


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