Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Review–Week 1

Day 1 – I did not have a lot of hope for today.  I had told Kiddo, let’s get up work hard and finish our work and we will have the rest of the day to play.  He told me his goal was to avoid school work at all cost.  It did not go too badly, the work took longer than it should have.  He can dawdle over handwriting and math worksheets better than anyone. He was very excited to do science, I scheduled that last to get everything else done.  He wasn’t sure at all about spelling but once he did his first “test” in Sequential Spelling it was no big deal.  He liked Wordly Wise and wanted to keep reading in history and science, so overall a good day.
He did create a very colorful conquistador.
Day 2  - Ahhh! Thank goodness for Excedrin and Lindt Chocolate, it is that kind of day.  He is not interested in even trying today, 2 hours on one TT math lesson.  I know he knows the information, he is just not trying. Getting back into a routine is rough. We did mange to get through the day and he enjoyed drawing the anatomy of a cell and making Spanish doubloons.  We also had our first Latin lesson, I may look for the dvds. 
Day 3 – Today was better, he did not complain as much but still took forever to get anything done. As we get back into the swing of things, it will pick up. The first couple of weeks are always hard getting back used to the work schedule. He is enjoying Sequential Spelling asked to do it first today and he wanted to listen to the Latin cd again.  As usual he loves the Apologia science book, we finished reading chapter 1 today and will do the notebook journal tomorrow. He drew the Nina today from his Draw through History.  Not exactly what we were reading about but it works for a Spanish ship going to South America.
Day 4 – We did not get much done today.  I felt bad, he had sinus issues and I had a doctor’s appointment.  We did spelling, reviewed Latin, and did some math worksheets.  Tomorrow will be a busy day with catch up and our science project.
Day 5 – Today was a good day, he worked hard to get caught up from yesterday and we finished everything.  Fridays are set up to be a light day to allow for catch up from the week and experiment day.  Today we worked in the Apologia Human Anatomy Jr. Notebook.  I really like the new jr. notebooks, they are perfect for younger kids with more drawing and lap booking type activities. We also are working on a edible DNA project.  I should have pictures of it when finished tomorrow.  

Here are a few pictures from the Jr. Notebook for Chapter 1. There is also a copy work page and the cell anatomy page which can be seen above.

I am pleased with how our first week went overall.  I can tell the curriculum seems to be a good fit for now and the amount of work is good.  I do hope he speeds up a bit he can drag his feet on things he is not interested in doing.  We will work on that this year.  He seems to really like Latin and Sequential Spelling which are both new this year.
I have next weeks lesson plans made and ready to go.  I did two weeks at a time and I hope I can keep it up. 

Have a good weekend!

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