Saturday, September 11, 2010

Introducing Fangs, the Venus Fly Trap


Ever since we started Apologia Botany over the summer, LittleBit has wanted a Venus Fly Trap. We have searched all over, had relatives looking and I never could find one locally. I finally decided to order one. I found a seller on Ebay with great feedback and for the price I figured it couldn’t hurt. I order the Venus Fly Trap on a Monday and it arrived on Thursday. I wish I had read the care instructions for the plant before I ordered one, my word it is like having a pet in the house. After reading up on the care instructions, we had some shopping to do.

pot for venus fly trap IMG_2406_edited-1

The plant requires a non porous pot, sphagnum moss and you can only use distilled water. Seriously, I have to buy distilled water for a plant now! So, after going to the Old Time Pottery store for a pot, Home Depot for moss and Wal-Mart for water, we were ready to plant our $5.00 Venus Fly Trap.

First we had to soak the moss, a Venus Fly Trap plant requires a very moist potting medium. As you can see in the photo, LittleBit did not care for the texture of the moss. We(I) filled the pot with moss and we soaked it thoroughly and then we planted the plant in the little black basket that came with it.

. IMG_2417_edited-1 IMG_2421_edited-1

Our Venus Fly Trap is all settled in it’s new home sitting on a bench by the window and is ready to grow(hopefully not die). He named his plant, Fangs.


Note: We really like the Apologia Botany curriculum, but I have put it up until next spring. Most of the activities and experiments in the book are better suited to the spring/summer. We are working on Zoology and Astronomy this semester. We will finish Astronomy by the end of the year and pick up with Botany then.


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