Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping – A.K.A I have lost my mind!



LittleBit has been asking to go camping for months.  I am not a camper at all, my idea of roughing it is a hotel without Wi-Fi.  I admit it I am a spoiled rotten girl who likes her electricity, plumbing, and access to Twitter! 

In a moment when I had obviously lost all sense of reason, I ordered a tent.  I was hoping it would be one of those, we will totally do that purchases that ends up hidden in the garage.  I am not that lucky.  As soon as the tent arrived LittleBit wanted to know when we would go camping.  We decided that a backyard camping adventure would be a good test of how dedicated he was to this whole thing.  Honestly I expected him to think it was fun but when it was time to go to sleep he would be back in the house with me.  I had decided that backyard camping was a great father son activity.  He did whisper in my ear, “when Dad goes to sleep, I am going to come in an sleep with you.”

The Labor Day weekend seemed like a good time to try out the camping thing.  The boys set up the tent, I took photos.   DSC03714_edited-1 DSC03724_edited-1


DSC03742_edited-1 DSC03748_edited-1


They had a great time, roasted hot dogs over the fire pit,  they told “scary” stories, used Google sky to find constellations, stars, and as shown in the photo below, the planet Venus. They played Nintendo, yes he took it with him. (he is too much like Mom, likes his gadgets)



It was so cute to see LittleBit with Leo the lion, his Nintendo, a Horrible Science book, flashlight and blanket go off for his big adventure. 


They made it until about 1 a.m and the cold brought them in.  It was very chilly that night and Dad was not dressed for it.  Neither one of us thought LittleBit would make it.  Overall it was a grand success. LittleBit has already asked when we can go camping again, it seems he forgot to play shadow puppets in the tent and he wanted to.  He also asked if we can climb a mountain and camp on top.  Where does he get these ideas? 


I know the learning opportunity is vast while camping, and it makes for a great family time but I will be going kicking and screaming, at least silently.  I put this under the category of “I’m a Mom of a boy”  and this is why I am doing this.


  1. Such a precious picture of him all cuddled up. I am glad he liked his tent adventure.

  2. OHHH,the things we do for our children! We also "camped" last year (in our backyard)... uh yep, I'm good for the rest of my life. SO NOT me! Following you from the Hop.