Monday, September 20, 2010

First Nine Weeks - Progress Rreport

I can not believe it, we have finished our first nine weeks of school already. It is going by so fast. Overall, I am pleased with our progress. We are just a bit behind from a few illnesses but we are moving right along. I can see LittleBit making progress and learning new things everyday.

His new phrase is, " I want to learn everything in the universe." I guess, that means he definitely has a love of learning. LittleBit's latest obsession is Mythbusters and Head Rush. He loves to watch the experiments and then try to recreate them using his Legos. If you haven't seen Head Rush, it is a kids version of Mythbusters with Keri and comes on the Science channel.

Here is his progress report broken down by subject.

Handwriting - Much improved. We are using Horizons Penmanship Book 1 and since switching to this curriculum, he no longer fights practicing and actually likes the worksheets. He also has started drawing stories and coloring with multiple colors on a page, I did not think he would ever would.

Math - Going great except for subtraction. We are using Singapore 2A and he is moving right along. The program works well for him but he has a mental block when it comes to subtraction, it has been a difficult concept for him to grasp. Addition with renaming no problem, simple subtraction, he is stumped. We are working on it and I am working it into everyday situations as much as possible.

History - Going great. We are using Story of the World Vol. 2. The story format is great and he likes some of the stories so much he will ask to read them again. We also like the activity book, especially the maps that go with each chapter. This year I bought the test book to use mostly as a workbook just to see how much he really retains. LittleBit is not fond of test day but is doing fine with it.

Science - His favorite subject and he is moving fast. We are using Apologia Zoology and Astronomy. I am doing a 2 week rotation between the two books. We are moving through Astronomy quickly, and we will probably be finished with it bt the end of the year. Zoology is great, lots of information and difficult concepts.

Bible - We are using Apologia's Who is God. We are taking it slow, reading the Bible verses to go along with the chapters.

Reading - As I have mentioned before he is a voracious reader and reads around a 5Th grade level. He is on book 4 of the Percy Jackson series, still working his way through all the Magic School Bus chapter books and his favorite books are the Horrible Science books.

I think that covers our main subjects, we are also learning map reading and of course science projects.

As for my progress report; I am pleased with how well I am keeping up with making lesson plans a week or two in advance. It makes our days go by easier and being more organized is always a good thing. I am always trying to find more time/energy to do more projects. I feel like I am more comfortable homeschooling now that we are in our third year. I realize there is no reason to worry and stress over every little thing it will all get done.



  1. I am so glad to hear you feel comfortable in your third year. I was feeling really good when I just had my 8 year old home last spring (we withdrew her in January). I did not expect so much to change when my 10 year old came home this year. I feel like I am starting all over again with the only advantage being that I know my curriculum. When I get worried or nervous, I remember that others have been in this place and it will get better. Last week was very tough but I am optimistic that changes we made will bring about a better week!

  2. My daughter is doing Singapore 3A math and has the had some of the same issues. Adding and multiplying are no problem, but she freezes with subtraction. We've been practicing with card, dice and board games since taking it out of the math book seems to resolve her freezing. I'd love to hear how you are helping your son become more comfortable with subtraction.

  3. ChiknGirl, we have been trying to work it in with everyday activities. He is saving his money for a Lego Mindstorm, and we have been using money to practice subtraction. Also, he is into football big time so we have been using the NFL scores to practice. I have games for addition and subtraction on my Droid X, which he loves to play. I bought him the Learn Math game for his Nintendo DS, he doesn't play it very often but any extra is good.
    I have stopped correcting him on his method of subtraction, he uses addition to figure out the answer. For example, 6-4, he will say 4+2=6 so 6-4 is 2. It is a round about way to get there but I am letting him for now, thinking it will come together.
    I did buy the extra practice workbook and intensive practive book to go along with the textbook. Singapore seems to move so fast, I thought the extra work will help reinforce the basics.
    Let me know how it is going and what you find that works, we will be in book 3 next year.

  4. What a great report! I love the rotation in Apologia. We may need to try something like that soon. Great blogs.

  5. Hi Heather...I found you at the Hip Homeschool Blog HOp today - stopping by to say Hi and I am now a follower! Enjoy your day!


  6. What a great idea to post a progress report! I'm so glad that you're doing so well.
    The Homeschool Chick

  7. New follower here...from the HHH. Sounds like your year is off to a wonderful start....always a good thing!

    If you're interested, I just started a Wednesday link-up designed for moms to share a day in the life of their homeschool. Hope you'll join in.



  8. Hi I am Nicole from I found you on a blog hop and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.

  9. I love the rotation for Science! Thanks for the idea. I Hopped over from the Homeschool Hop and I cannot wait to follow you.

    Take care!

  10. I love the idea of a 9 week progress report...hmm? Maybe we'll try that as well. :)

    I don't think I felt 100 percent okay about homeschooling until my 7th year, so you are going to do great!!!

  11. Sounds like a great start! My 8yo ds struggled with subtraction (it still doesn't come easy) but he does much better "adding up" than "taking away" -- meaning what plus 6 equals 9 instead of 9-6.
    Lee (5wolfcubs)

  12. I love the science rotation idea, too! I may have to ponder that.

    We are also doing SOTW 2 ... we really like the mapwork, too!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Yeah for Mom's progress report! I find things go so much smoother when I'm organized and ready to go! Looks like you had a great week!

  14. For subtraction, try using manipulatives, and a place value chart with disks or stones or something similar. A Slavonic abacus can be useful too. After he's mastered it with the concrete manipulatives, have him draw pictures or models until he's able to go abstract (algorithm).

  15. We also finished our 9th week. Doesn't feel amazing to know that we have completed 1/4 of the year! We love Mythbusters an now I'm off to find Head Rush. Thanks, I've never heard of it!

  16. Thanks for recommending Head Rush,we've never seen it, but I'm setting my TIVO right now :)
    Looks like you guys had a productive first nine weeks.