Monday, September 27, 2010

A busy week


We have had a busy week and we have a busy month coming up.  The weather has finally turned cooler and LittleBit can get outside to play.  As a heart baby the heat is hard on him, which is one of the reason we homeschool through the summer.   Fall is our season, we love the cooler weather. 


For October we have bug club, hayrides, Taekwondo, concerts, trip to see the Nina, planetarium visit, campfire circle, campout weekend, etc. A busy month ahead sounds like lots of fun, learning and hopefully lots of pictures. 

I think we have finally found someone for guitar lessons and while I am trying to get that scheduled, LittleBit is back to wanting to learn the piano, stinker.  At this rate I might wait until the first of the year. 


Here are a few pictures from some of the things we did this past week. 


We have TKD, 2 to 3 days a week plus tumbling one of those days.


He is all about Halloween and decorating this year, I am a fall decorator, I don’t do scary.  Here is a quick little cute craft that is made with clay pots, chalkboard paint and chalk. For the instructions click here.

IMG_2787-1  Built a Lego creation for a contest.



Painted a birdfeeder for Apologia Zoology field study.




 IMG_2572-1 IMG_2588_edited-1


A nature study to learn about leaves and trees. Never let it be said my child is an unsocialized homeschooler, LOL. The photo with the group of people, they built a tree and LittleBit was the heart of the tree. WARNING MOM BRAG HERE: I have to thank Apologia for his knowledge in botany.  They asked what trees gave us, answers wood, shade, food, and oxygen, did you know the veins in the leaves are how the tree gets water and nutrients.  I let you guess which answer was my cutest, smartest, kid’s in the whole world.  END OF BRAG



  1. We homeschool during the summer for the same reasons. The heat is just too much for my kids so we go easy through the fall and winter. I also love Apologia Science! We're going through astronomy right now. :D I'm visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop, btw!!! I love your blog! I have so many new projects to start now that I've seen your wreaths and clay pots with the chalk!!! So cool!!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful week. Happy Hip Homeschool Hop!

  3. What a fun week! We do Tae Kwon Do too :) Stopping by from the HHH - have a great week.

  4. Great projects! Your October schedule looks busy, and that's a huge leaf! Glad I found you at Hip Homeschool Hop! I think you'd have fun at, where Disney IS school. Hope you can stop by!

  5. I love the bird house! I 've heard great things about Apologia. Stopping by from the Homeschool hop! :) I'm a new follower!

  6. I loved reading about your homeschool adventures! And the clay pot decoration is wonderful! It sounds like you have a great month of adventures coming up as well.

  7. Heather, such great ideas! I love your blog and therefore am passing along the Versatile Blogger Award to you! I hope you check it out!

  8. Looks like you had a great week! That is one HUGE leaf in the pic! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I love your blog and ideas. Because you are so cool, you have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. Come on by my blog to pick it up!

    Take care!
    Amy --