Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up



We had a good week this week.  We did science experiments, bird watching(becoming a favorite hobby), seed planting, wood working and of course school work.  I have made plans for next years curriculum and have started shopping around for it.  I have a bird watching experiment planned and if the weather will clear up hopefully we will get to it this weekend. 

This week we did a subject a day again.  Kiddo loves this schedule so much I am considering switching to it. I usually use it just to break things up and make our day different.  He does great with the schedule though.  We will see I might start doing once a week every month, it would be a great way to catch up in any areas we have fallen behind in.  Our schedule this week was:


Monday – Math  He did 3 lesson in Teaching Textbooks, one quiz and we did a lesson in Singapore math on measurements.

Tuesday – Language Arts  He did 3 handwriting worksheets(took forever), Words are Wonderful worksheet, 3 lessons in First Language lessons and

Wednesday – Reading day per his request.  He read 3 Horrible Science books and we started Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban.  We have a rule at our house you have to read the book before you can watch the movie.

Thursday – Science  We read a chapter in Zoology, made creation book in Zoology notebook journal. Read Genesis 1.  Did vocabulary crossword puzzle. Read chapter in Botany and did a little work in the notebook journal. 

Friday – History We read 3 chapters in Story of the World, did 3 maps worksheets, and took the test to go with each chapter.  I use the test book as worksheets.  We will finish history next week most likely.  I am working on a geography unit study for us to do before moving on to Story of the World 3.                      

IMG_6038_edited-1SONY DSC


In the pictures above: we met Rufus the screech owl at Animal Encounters, did the coke and mentos experiment, helped Dad with some furniture building, and planted seeds for spring. 


                                                                                                             Looking forward to next week.  I can see the end of the year or curriculum since we are year round schooling now and I am ready to move on to new things. We took a month off from TaeKwonDo and we will start that back next week, I am very happy about that.  It is spring which means getting out and doing more, yeah!


Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. We're LOVING our birds! We've been experimenting with different seeds and suet mixtures, hoping to attract a variety of birds since the spring migrators are starting to return. (3 new birds this month!) We've even had a mallard and his mate visit recently to clean up the ground! Have fun shopping for new curriculum! So fun, isn't it? I get enjoyment for new texts, workbooks games, etc! LOL Thanks for stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop!


  2. Hopping over from the HHH.I have been on your blog before but then I lost you.I remember finding yours through searching for bloggers with an ONLY CHILD.
    That coke experiment looks really neat,a must try!!!
    Please jump or hop on over and visit our famiy blog.