Sunday, March 20, 2011

Science Experiment–Coke and Mentos



We did the coke and Mentos experiment again. He loves doing this experiment, we have done it several times before.  I have a science experiment for us later this week involving bird seed and we will need 4 bird feeders for the experiment.  Since we had to purchase the plastic bottles to make the bird feeders, might as well get two experiments from the bottles.


For this experiment we tested which diet soda had the best fountain.  We tested Diet Coke, Diet, Pepsi, Diet Sunkist and Diet Sam’s Cola (store brand).  We used a simple scientific method for our experiment and filled out a lab worksheet to show the results.  

Scientific Method we used.

1. Ask a Question -  Which diet soda has the highest fountain?

2.  Construct a Hypothesis – Kiddo thought the Diet Coke would do the best because of the Mythbusters Diet Coke experiment.

3. Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment – Tested 4 different types of diet coke with mentos.

4. Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion – Reviewed photos and eye witness accounts draw a consensus on the conclusion

5. Communicate Your Results -  Filled out a lab chart worksheet




Supplies Used

4 - 2L soda  bottles (any kind will work)

      Diet Coke

      Diet Pepsi

      Diet Sunkist

      Diet Sam’s Cola(store brand)

2 pkgs - Mentos candy

1 piece of paper




Cut paper into strips and make a tube for the mentos candy to fit into.  We used 4 candies per soda bottle but the more mentos you use the bigger the fountain you will get.  


Findings -  The Diet Sam’s Cola had the highest fountain.  Followed closely by Diet Pepsi then Diet Coke.  Diet Sunkist came in last.  The Diet Sunkist actually took a few seconds for it to bubble up into a fountain where as the others were almost instant. 



DSC04449_edited-1SONY DSC

SONY DSClab sheet


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