Sunday, March 20, 2011

Curriculum for New Year



I can not believe it is time for new curriculum already.  We started our school year last July and we have finished some courses, switched math programs and are almost finished with history. We decided to switch to year round school this year so we can take more time off in the spring and fall when Kiddo can spend more time outdoors.  Since we are getting close to the end of some of our courses and I can tell he is ready to start learning some new concepts, it’s time to start the search for curriculum. 

I enjoy looking at new curriculum, reading about what everyone else is using, reading reviews, etc.  and I hate it at the same time.  I always feel such pressure to pick the right one; I start to stress myself out over choosing a program that is right for Kiddo and I start doubting my ability to adequately educate him (why I do this I don’t know).  I have no doubts about my ability to raise him, if I can raise him, educating him should not be that big of a stretch.  I never said I wasn’t a little neurotic and crazy.  I’ve found being a bit crazy helps with the whole homeschooling adventure anyways. That being said, it is the season of spending too much time on the computer reading and researching curriculum choices.

I reserve the right to change my mind on any of these choices, since I have not purchased any of the books. I still have time to research more.  Here is what I have picked for curriculum thus far:

Bible – Have not decided which but we are going to use a devotional book.

Handwriting – Horizons Penmanship Grade 3

History – Story of the World Vol. 3

              Story of the World 3 Activity book

              Story of the World 3 Test Book(we use as worksheets)

Math – Teaching Textbooks 3 and 4  (We started Grade 3 a few weeks ago)

Science – Apologia Exploring Anatomy and Physiology

                Apologia Jr. Note booking Journal

Grammar -  Easy Grammar Daily Review Grade 2

Spelling – Sequential Spelling (still considering All About Spelling)

Latin – Prima Latina

Reading – This year we are going to read biographies. First up is,             Thomas A. Edison – Young Inventor. 

Other – Typing Instructor for Kids

            Science Detective

            Logic Countdown Grade 3

             Map Skills Grade 3 and 4 ( he loved these workbooks)



I will purchase most of the curriculum from or  I never seem to have good luck finding used books. As much as I love getting a good deal, I can not complain.  The difference in cost between private school and homeschool including umbrella school fees, you can not even compare. 

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