Tuesday, March 1, 2011

End of Month Review

beautiful morning
This month flew by, I can’t believe it is March already.  I am happy to see spring it is on its way! 
I made just a few changes this month to our homeschool but mostly we were grooving right along.  We started a new math curriculum Teaching Textbooks. It is going along great, he loves doing computer math and I can see improvement in his mental math and confidence.  Since we completed Astronomy we have been focusing on Zoology. With spring on its way this month we will be picking back up with Botany and have experiments planned.  We also added LEGO club through CurrClick which is fun, I will be glad when he is old enough to join the local club.

I am pretty happy with the progress we are making this year.  It is almost time to start looking at curriculum for the next school year.  We are almost finished with Story of the World and I am starting to look at language arts/writing programs.  We will be taking a lot of breaks and doing school lite, as I like to call it, through spring.  Since Kiddo does not handle the heat of summer well, we take time off through the spring to enjoy the weather. 

A few weeks ago we did a subject a day.  Basically we did a weeks worth of lessons in one day on one subject.  Kiddo liked it and did really well.  I will be doing this again this month just to change things up a bit.

We took a road trip this month to the beach!  We used to (before child) take spur of the moment weekend trips all the time.  We decided last Thursday to hit the road on Friday and go to the beach.  It was a little crazy but then again that works for usSmile  It was a great trip and the weather was perfect.  On the road Dad and Kiddo discussed Newton’s laws of motion and I thought the geeky engineer Dad was going to stop the car, get out and do a happy dance when Kiddo told him the 3 laws of motion.  Kiddo also did a little zoology discussing the difference in the seagulls beak colors. We got a few odd looks on the beach while he was going through the classification system for the animal kingdom.  You can homeschool anywhere. He had a great time hunting for seashells, playing in the cold ocean, building sandcastles and riding his first ferris wheel. 

seashell huntingIMG_5697_edited-1 copy
SONY DSClove lovebeach fun



  1. How fun! Love a good spur-of-the moment fun day. And yes, you CAN homeschool anywhere! :)

  2. What beautiful pictures!! Feeling just a tab bit jealous looking at all those beach pictures!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts about socialization!! Clearly homeschooled kids are NOT usually lacking in that department! :-)