Thursday, February 4, 2010


Sorry, I have not updated in awhile. It has been busy around here, finally bought a new car, we are working on turning the dining room into a library and getting ready for tournament and testing time with TaeKwonDo.

I had turned my craft room/office into a school room last year and am very happy with it, LittleBit not so much. It was a struggle to get him to stay in the back room of the house to work. This year I started doing school in the living room and it went much better, he likes being where we usually spend most of our time. It has been driving me crazy, I don't like doing school in the living room, I would rather have a dedicated space. With that being said, he does better in the main part of the house so I am trying to work with that. We really don't use the dining room for anything we eat in the kitchen, it is an unused space for the most part.

My plan is put in our round kitchen table and purchase a few comfortable chairs for it. Hubby has offered to make some bookcases. It will be a slow process since we have about a dozen house projects going on right now. I will add pictures when we finish. I did make a purchase a rug to protect the floor from the table and chairs. Love you can some really good deals.

Now I am looking for chairs to go with the table we already have. I will keep the bulk of our supplies in the office such as science projects and craft supplies. This room will be a space to sit comfortably and do some of our work and the bookcases will be great!

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