Monday, February 8, 2010

Reading Day

LittleBit is under the weather, I think we have spent more time sick than not since the first of the year. Today we had a reading day, LittleBit pulled out books he wanted to read, I added my picks and we had a great day reading. Here are the books he picked:

1. Star Wars Lego Visual Dictionary - he loves this book, he spends hours reading about the lego kits
2. Stuart Little Learning to Read Book 1
3. Stuart Little Learning to Read Book 3
4. Ducks Don't Get Wet
5. Light and Darkness
6. Magic Tree House - Civil War Sunday

He wanted to read on Percy Jackson, he is waiting for Dad to get home to read with him, since they are reading that one together.

We also watched a few episodes of Sid the Science Kid, I had DVR'd which led to a google lesson on roly polys. Don't you just love watching a love of learning come to life in your kids.

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