Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Review

We have a good week in homeschool this week. We have continued our study of Greece and the Olympics. We started Singapore 1B extra practice workbook this week. We have spent a good deal of time working on handwriting. He has become very interested in learning cursive handwriting, which has encouraged him to practice is printing in order to start on cursive. He has worked hard on his printing practice. We worked on proper nouns and common nouns. He started the practice writing workbook I bought from amazon. It is mostly about punctuation and sentence structure.

We read about Plato and the lost city of Atlantis, pirates, Greek myths, and Treasure Island this week. An update to Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, he is about half away through the book and is really enjoying it. It is a challenging read for him but he finds it interesting and funny.

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  1. Sounds like you guys have quite the adventure stories lined up. I look forward to seeing any activities you do with those reads.