Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Review and New Read Aloud

This week we worked mostly on the 3 R's. We finished 2 units in the Singapore 1A math practice book, read 3 chapters in Story of the World book and worked on handwriting as often as I could work it in. Today he is helping me write the grocery list for the Superbowl. Later today we have plans to do some science experiments but he wants to wait for Daddy to come home from work so he can help. Overall a productive week and I hope to be a bit more organized next week. We are working on setting up a new work area this weekend.

This week we started a new read aloud, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. He had seen the previews for the movie and loved it. I looked into the books to see if he would be able to read them. As with Harry Potter he will have read the books before seeing the movie, the books are always better, I think. While he can read on a higher level than his age, I wanted to make sure the topic was acceptable for him. We are reading it together as a read aloud. I would not recommend this book if your child does not understand this book is just fantasy, a good story written by a creative person. LittleBit understands that a book is a book, and not real. He has no problem with mythology, as we have studied some mythology in our history book. He finds it silly that people thought a fake god such as, Poseidon was responsible for the weather such as hurricanes etc, instead of the science of weather. He thinks the writer of the Percy Jackson books is "cool" to use history to write a good story. With that said we are enjoying reading the book and I hope we will like the movie after finishing the book. I will not be surprised to see LittleBit find every difference in the movie from the book, which will make for an interesting talk I am sure.

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