Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Aquarium

New 40 gallon aquarium with 20 gallon tank on bottom shelf.

The little fish that started it all. 

Last year I talked about how I thought a 5 gallon aquarium with a betta fish would be perfect project for our study of Apologia's Creatures of the Fifth Day in science. Who knew that would lead to a hobby that would grow by leaps and bounds.  We started with a 5 gallon tank and one betta fish, who is happily living in Kiddo's room now.  Kiddo wanted a bigger tank for more fish and we got a 20 gallon tank that is a tetra and glow fish community tank.  Now we have started a 40 gallon beach/coral theme tank, no decision on the type fish yet we all have a different opinion. I completely blame Apologia for this new hobby we have gotten into to:)  It is a family hobby and we all are enjoying it.


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