Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Review


weekly review graphic 2

It was our first week back after the holiday break. It went fairly well with only a little grumbling.  It was a light week, my goal was to finish around lunch time so he had time to play before afternoon activities and he got used to a schedule again.

We started on Story of the World 4 and he built the Crystal Palace using minecraft including exhibitions indoors. He did a great job. 

We started on Chemistry with Apologia we are going very slow we read just the first 5 pages this week.  We did an experiment on air mass and watched Kahn Academy on the metric system.  I am working on a measurement activity next week using a variety on containers. 


Air mass experiment. 2 balloons, yard stick, string. You balance the yardstick and balloons on the back of chair then you blow up one balloon to show that air has mass and yardstick will not stay balanced.


For Christmas Kiddo got a microscope he has a lot of fun with it.  This week we went to local Greenway to get materials to examine under the microscope.  Water from the river, moss from a tree, and he collected some rocks and sticks. We will have fun next week seeing what all we can find in the water(probably gross me out).





I hope your back to school week went well.  Have a great week.

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