Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Review–Week 2 & 3


weekly review graphic 2

Week 2 and 3 of the new year was a bust. We got in a half a week of work and then Kiddo got sick. It was some virus he could not shake on his own so we ended up at the Doctor over the weekend getting medicine to help.  He is feeling better now still tired and coughing but on the road to recovery.  I got sick last week with the same thing and once my hearing and sense of smell return I will feel better. And this weekend DH has caught it, so we have passed around to everybody.  We hope to get rid of it by this weekend because our vacation starts Friday!

Since we have completely derailed from my lesson plans due to illness and this week is a mad house trying to get ready for Disney World our lesson this week will be centered on our trip and we return we will get back on track. 

I am planning all of our lessons this week to revolve around travel and Disney.  We will be reading up on Disney World, planning our travel route, counting miles and learning about gas mileage.  Our handwriting and spelling will come from the Disney character encyclopedia.  We have made our touring plans and he is helping to map out where each ride and attraction are. It will be a light week but fun with Disney as our inspiration for lessons while still getting plenty of learning in.




Have a good week!

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