Monday, January 9, 2012

Science Experiment–Rock Candy

For a science experiment we grew sugar crystals, a.k.a rock candy. 
It was a fun easy experiment to do. It takes a little patience since it takes a week to grow the crystals.  
I used this web page for directions.
Rock Candy

Supplies needed, water, a glass jar, a cup of sugar and a stick for the crystals to grow on and a cloths pin or other way to hold stick in middle of jar.
Boil water and let sugar dissolve, lots of stirring.
Setting up in a out of the way to place to be undisturbed.
Day 2 – you can see a few little crystal starting to form
Day 3 – I think it is going to work. We definitely have crystals
Day 5 – Progress but certainly not like the photo in the directions.
Day 7 – Hmmm it worked but not quite as much rock candy as we were hoping for.

Our rock candy.

This experiment was a success , Kiddo was a bit disappointed we didn’t have a huge growth of rock candy.  I wonder if we had left it alone another week what we would have ended up with.  We might try that another day with colors and flavors. 
This was a fun and very easy to do experiment. the perfect way to start back our school last week. 

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