Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Review - Week 14

weekly review graphic 2


This was a pretty typical week for homeschool. We started working in Easy Grammar 3 and finished up the printing portion of A Reason of Handwriting and we begin cursive next week.  We are sailing along in the new Singapore math workbooks. We are moving a little slow in history and science with the weather being nice we have been spending more time outdoors. 

He worked on life skills this week, he helped Dad replace an O2 sensor in our car and he cheered Dad on while he ran his first half marathon.  WAY TO GO DAD!

We also made a fleece blanket, this was fun and only took a couple of hours.  I let him pick out the fabric he wanted and he helped tying the knots in between playing with Transformer toys, of course.


This is the patterns he chose, TN Vols and checkered flag.


Working on the knots


Enjoying the blanket he help make.

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  1. We have a blanket like that. We surprised our oldest son with it several years ago--and he took it to college this fall!