Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Review Week 12

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I can not believe we are in week 12 of our school year already.  Time is flying by.  I thought I might give an update as to where we are in each of his subjects and the progress he is making. 
Handwriting  -  This year he is only doing handwriting 3x a week. It has made a difference since he dislikes handwriting so much only doing it part time is great for him. There is no balking about handwriting and he has yet to realize all the writing he does in grammar, Latin, and Bible counts.  
Grammar – He is almost finished with Easy Grammar 2. We will be starting Easy Grammar 3 next week. He is doing well with grammar and I like the easy no stress way of learning rules and definitions.
Science – We just finished chapter 6 in Apologia Human Anatomy book. It takes about a week to complete one chapter with the experiments. We have also been watching Standard Deviants dvd on anatomy and using the Greys Anatomy coloring book. I am in no hurry to go through this book. He is very interested in the book and has  already read most of the book on his on time.

History – We are on chapter 15 in Story of the World 3. I would like to be further in this book but we have stopped to read extra on American History and on some of the figures in the book.  He is very interested in the American Revolution and we will be spending time on that subject with lots of extras.  We have been watching Liberty Kids on Netflix streaming which is excellent for kids.

Latin -  He loves Prima Latin and would do it every day if we had time. We do Latin 2 to 3x a week.  Every Monday we do a review of all the vocabulary we have learned so far. We are on Lesson 10 in Latin.
Language Arts – Wordly Wise has been a huge hit. We are on lesson 11. Spelling has been a bit of a struggle. Sequential Spelling is meant to be done once a day but that is too much for us. He wants to sound out the words and figure them out for himself, which is fine but some days we are doing spelling for over an hour. We are doing spelling 3 days week, that way I can schedule the time we need but keep up with the building on words, some days are much faster than others.
Bible – We are using Telling God’s Story. I am very pleased with the program. It maybe a bit oversimplified for Kiddo’s age but I would rather it be too simple rather than too hard to understand. Learning about Jesus, his life and his teachings in a conversational manor is prefect for us. We are also using the activity book.  We do 1 lesson a week, one day we read the story, the next day we read the Bible verses, next day reread the main Bible verse and do the activity book and the next day I have Kiddo retell the lesson in his own words.
Math – We are using Teaching Textbooks and Singapore math. We are almost finished with TT3 and I will be ordering TT4.  We have also been using Singapore 2A, Intensive practice and challenging word problems. We are working on learning times tables and doing extra practice on subtraction with renaming. He does math to figure out the multiplication questions. He does not have them all memorized yet. He can do his 0,1,2,3,5,and 10s.  I just ordered Singapore 2b, 3a and Math Express level 2.
Reading – I don’t count any books his reads on his own time for fun and he does a lot of that. He has read two autobiographies so far this year one on Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison. He wants to read one on Paul Revere next. He also loved Charlotte's Web and after reading the book I think he has watched the movie a dozen times. He had Dad are reading Harry Potter together and they are on book 4 still. We have also reread a few Magic Tree house books that have to work into history.

I think that about covers it. We are moving right along making progress and enjoying the school work.  I do have one confession. I wanted to start on piano this year. I bought the books, I did some practicing since it has been a long time since I played but we have yet to start.  Between all the work we are doing and my medical issues which have zapped me of all energy I just have worked it into our schedule yet.
12 weeks worth of grammar, singapore, activity pages. Time for a new folder it is full.


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  1. Wow, Heather, sounds like you guys are having a very productive year so far! :-)

    You are so right about handwriting (and other subjects, too) being incorporated into others and the kids don't even realize it! :-)

    We are away for the weekend and hubby came up with the idea of the kids writing each night about what they did, a journal of sorts. They all have eagerly done it, not even realizing that they're writing, lol! :-)

    Many blessings,