Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly Review 13



weekly review graphic 2

This week has gone well, we are moving right along with our new schedule.  Nothing really new to report, ordered a few new school books and learned I forgot to order a few more.

I got our new math books in Singapore 2B and 3A we are going over them as a review to supplement Teaching Textbooks 3.  We are on the last cd of TT so I will need to order TT4 soon. 

After placing a order with I realized we are almost finished with Wordly Wise 3(only 3 lessons left). We also started Easy Grammar 3 this week and I do believe we will need the Daily Grams to go with it so I will add it to my order list. 

We did a few crafts this week. We were working on a You have been booed basket for his great grandmother and we made a couple of little things.




Oranges with Jack O’ Lantern Faces drawn on. I got this idea from pinterest, I love that website. One of the face he drew reminds me of Wilson from Cast Away with Tom Hanks.



A hand tree. You paint their hand and wrist for the tree and use fingers to make the leaves.  A quick messy art project that is fun.

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  1. The crafts are adorable! :-)

    I have heard a lot about Easy Grammar. Maybe I need to take a look at it for my kiddos.

    Glad you had an uneventful week and hope your weekend is blessed!