Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekly Review– Week 8


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I have no photos for this week our camera broke and I am currently shopping for a new one.  The life with a boy, a never ending supply of items to deconstruct.

This week we did a subject a day. I did this last year and Kiddo liked it. It changed up our schedule and made things more interesting.  Monday was a long day, we did grammar which consisted of spelling, grammar, Latin and handwriting, Tuesday was History day, Wednesday was Science, Thursday was Science and Friday was workbook day, Logic, Maps,etc.  We did Bible everyday like usual.

He had his first Latin test and I even graded it. We don’t really do grades yet.  He made a 90 because he missed two questions. He told me that grade was too high, it should be lower because he missed two questions I should take off 10 points per question, LOL. I told I would remember that for later.

This next week we will get back to our regular schedule with hopefully a lot of outdoor time thrown in.  It has finally cooled off here and if the rain lets up some we will take advantage of the cooler air.  It has been so hot here and his allergies have been so bad we have been stuck in the house. 

I am still looking for some fall activities for us to do.  Most of the things available here are for ages 8 and up.  I have found locally there is a gap between the ages of 5 – 8 of activities. Once he is a year older there will be many more options.

I think we are going to join a local gym that has an indoor pool for some more swim practice. I also found a place that offers horse riding lessons and we might try that.  He is signed up for fall bowling league, he wanted to play again with his team mates from summer. The first of the year we are going to start TKD back, he has been on break this summer and my husband is too busy with work this fall for us to fit that much time into our schedule. He will also be training for his first kid type marathon in the spring. 

I hope everyone has a good week. 

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