Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Science Experiment–Teeth and Acid


In Chapter 4 of Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology there is an experiment using a tooth.  We saved a baby tooth Kiddo had lost recently.  We wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter and let her know we needed to keep the tooth for school, she was fine with that and left him money and the tooth. 


All you need for this experiment is:

1. A tooth

2..A coke

3. A plastic cup

4. Time







You put the tooth in the bottom of a cup and pour plenty of soda on top.  Every few days you check on the tooth and over the course of several days you will be able to document the effect acid has on tooth enamel. While tooth enamel is very strong eventually the acid will wear down the enamel.  I will be sure and post a update at the end of the experiment. 


  1. We did this last year. We left it for 2 weeks and couldn't believe what it looked like at the end!

  2. My kids would love this experiment...and I would too. Since I am always trying to convince them that water is better for them than soda. :)

  3. I love this! If this isn't meaningful to "real" life, I don't know what is. Thanks for sharing. I came over from the hip homeschool mom hop. I am going to link up to this post on my facebook page.

  4. Very cool experiment! We don't plan to do anatomy for a while, but I just might do this experiment anyway next time we have a lost tooth.