Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekly Review 9 & 10


weekly review graphic 2


Week 9 for homeschool was a long week.  Kiddo has been resisting doing school work, dawdling, arguing and one day he threw a honest to goodness temper tantrum. I don’t think he has ever done that in his 7 years. 

We got through school barely it was more of a tug of war but we got through it. 

I decided over the weekend something has to change I was not going to spend the next several years fighting him to get his work done.  We had been starting school around 10 a.m. which gave him time to get up play burn of some steam before school time. 

I decided to change our schedule and the order in which we do our work. I took his binder and made labels for his folders, one for each subject. I then added assignment sheets where each day I wrote what he had to finish before anything else can be done.

Sunday night before bed we sat him down and explained the new rules. He was not happy. We told him as soon as he got up and ate breakfast he had to complete everything listed on his assignment sheet. If he finished before lunch, great he could play until lunch. Immediately following lunch, I do mean as soon as plates are cleared it is school time. We finish our schoolwork and then it is free time. 

It has worked better than I though it would.  Monday he grumbled a bit about having too much to do but he did it and finished in time to play a little before lunch. I was surprised to see he was ready to tackle the rest of his work right after lunch without even a grumble. The week has gone smoothly we have finished more work in less time then we have been doing.

For his assignment sheet, he has one grammar page, a math worksheet/teaching textbook lesson, handwriting page, wordly wise, and sometimes a history drawing worksheet.  After lunch we cover history, science, Latin, spelling and Bible.

I hope this schedule works for at least a little while, it will give me time to come up with another approach. One thing for sure homeschool is never boringSmile


P.S. Update, We are in week two of me giving him assignments to complete first thing in the morning. It is going great,he does his work with no complaints at all. He enjoys free time before lunch and it is ready to finish school right after lunch. I am loving our new schedule.

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  1. I am SO glad that the new system is working for you! What a difference a change like that can make. Maybe that bit of structure was just what he needed. :-) I hope this week continues to go as well for you both!

    Many blessings,