Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Simple Planner

I have been working on my planner for our upcoming school year. I use

to print all the pages I need for my planner and I put them in a 3 ring binder. I have 3 main sections, calendars, lists, and lesson plans. IMG_1438_edited-1

I start with a 12 month one page calendar, it gives me a quick look at dates. Then I print a one page per month calendar, this is where I put our activities and appointments.IMG_1440_edited-1


Next I have a Notables calendar, this is where I put awards, belts from TKD, etc. Next is a Checklist for our goals set for the year. IMG_1441_edited-1


Next is a Reading List, this is where I write down all the books he reads both school and for fun. I would never remember all the books he reads, last year there were 72. IMG_1443_edited-1

The next section is about lesson planning. First I have an Objectives page, I do one of these per quarter. It gives me an idea of where I want us to be with out being to strict about a schedule. Next is the Course Study, this is where I list all the books we are using. IMG_1444_edited-1IMG_1445_edited-1

Next is the curriculum key, yes I need a reminder what the key is for the book when I go to put it in our lesson plan. After that is the lesson plan page, I use a weekly lesson page.

IMG_1446_edited-1 IMG_1447_edited-1

The last page is a grade sheet for K –12. It gives me a place to list the curriculum we use each year and the grades.


As you can see I use a very simple planner, I did not want one difficult to use or so complicated I needed a user guide. It works for us and I can easily add more pages as we get into higher grades. All of these pages can be printed from

I should note, as far as a family planner, scheduler, etc I use google calendar and my cell phone. My cell phone has everything in it and if I lost it I would be in serious trouble. I love how you can make a calendar for each person, activity, occasion, etc., in google with color blocking . Then merge all the calendars so you can see everything in a nice, neat, color organized manner. This planner is to keep records and plan lessons.

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