Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Homeschool Room

Our Homeschool/Craft/Office
Room with bookcases, tv/monitor, printer, craft supplies

Knowledge defines all we know, imagination is all we discover and Create.
(quote on the wall in vinyl)

Close up of the clay pots. They were painted and the ABC's added in vinyl cutouts

The closet doors were removed to add shelves ceiling to floor.

United States Walllie

Other side of room with daily supplies, dry ease board, calender, etc.

Farmhouse table, I purchased from Craigslist and refinished.

NOTE: These photos are from a while ago before the room was full of books and ongoing projects. You know it was actually clean!

I love this room and how light it is, I am always happy to go the office to work. After spending a great deal of time working on the room, I discovered my son prefers and works better doing school in the living room! It drives me a little crazy because I would much prefer to keep everything in one location and have school at a table but he works better in the living room with the informal setting. We will eventually get back to doing all of our schoolwork in the school room but for now we have school all over the place, kitchen table, couch, floor, coffee table, etc. The house and life of a homeschooler, I guess.


  1. If he won't use your office can I come over and use it? Just kidding! Everything looks so organized and neat. I LIKE organized and neat. I know how it goes, though - it doesn't stay that way easily, does it?! =)

  2. I love it!! That is an awesome school/craft space
    I am sure you enjoy it messy or not I know I love mine
    Although it would be a place for it to always be neat and organized but then it would not looked loved

  3. Love it! Everything is organized but still adds plenty of creativity. Looks great- from the top to the pretty flooring. :)

  4. Found you from Hip Homeschool Hop. I LOVE this room! It looks like you could find anything at a moments notice. I don't think our "school stuff" area has ever been this organised.

  5. Your school room is great! I love seeing where other people do their school. I love the alphabet pots. Lisa~

  6. I really like your school room!

  7. nice room - cute claypots - have a great school year

  8. I love your room! The stenciling is beautiful. It makes it look so eloquent :) Have a wonderful school year~ I look forward to following your journey.

  9. Hoppin over from the blog hop! Great room and love your little touches...clay pots and the finished farm table :) Have a great year.

  10. Beautiful room! I think a lot of us are using pictures from "when the room was clean". lol!!!


  11. I spotted the gumball machine. We have an old one on a pedestal that we got from a garage sale for $5. I was considering filling it with gumballs for incentive. Think I might just do that!

  12. Great room ... love the natural light and that farmhouse table - nice!!

  13. Love your organization and the little flower pots are adorable! thanks for sharing =)