Saturday, July 10, 2010

A little Zoology - Bug Club

We had a great Bug Club today, there were plenty of bugs to be found and studied. LittleBit was super excited to catch 2 butterflies, 4 spotted beetle, and a tufted caterpillar. In class they learned about the praying mantis and the dragonfly. They were also able to see dragonfly larvae through a microscope. Hubby took the DSLR camera today with the extension tubes, so he was able to get a few good pictures while bug hunting(chasing LittleBit).
Tufted Caterpillar

Four Spotted Beetle

Praying Mantis

Checking out Dragonfly larvae

On the hunt for butterflies

Caught his first butterfly

Bug Hunting

Crescent Butterfly

White Spotted Skipper Butterfly

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