Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wood Working Project - Chair

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I have discovered the Knock Off Wood blog. The clip rail project found below was discovered there. While I was reading the blog, LittleBit saw a picture of the adirondack chair and wanted to make one. Here is a link to the project:

It looked easy to do and required little in supplies. The wood cost just over $7.00 and the screws cost about $5.00. I still need to purchase some blue exterior paint. Overall the project will cost about $20.00 but I will have paint left over for other projects.

It was fun to make even if it took about 4 hours for an 1 hour project. He measured and marked all the wood to be cut. He was able to get in practice using and reading a ruler correctly. He helped make a few cuts but he thought the saw was to loud, he bug hunted while Dad made the cuts.

He helped sand and put together the chair. Which is why, with his help the project took longer than expected. He was able to learn some real world applications from this project such as:

1. Reading instructions
2. Making a supply list from instructions
3. Taking the list and shopping for supplies
4. Organizing supplies and tools
5. Reading and marking measurements
6. Follow instructions correctly to assembly chair( an easy one for him, all the LEGO kits = tons of practice)

He liked the chair so much he wanted in his room. I am going to let him have it is room for a few days, until I can get it painted.

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  1. Great idea for turning this into a learning project! It came out great! Maybe I should let my almost 6YO son help me too. I'll have to think about that though...I don't think I have as much patience as you do! :)